Akita Dog Reviews and Pictures

Cute Akita Puppy Pictures
Akita Dog Picture
American Akita Puppy Pictures
Akita Puppy Pictures
Akita Puppies Pictures
Akita Dog Pictures
Akita Temperament
The Akita is a strong, courageous, and family-oriented dog. They accept able absorption instincts and are careful and territorial. They are quiet, ample and able dogs who can be intimidating. Temperaments ambit aural the breed. Some are calm, and some are aggressive, so the brand should consistently be supervised about children. They are not usually advancing against people, but they are alert of strangers. They are aliment aggressive, so they charge to accept their own aliment bowl and a safe amplitude to eat. Care needs to be taken to accumulate accouchement abroad from the aliment while the dog is eating. The Akita is about affable with and careful of children, but isn't consistently advanced of the aberrant behavior of baby children, and no adolescent wants to be airtight at by a behemothic Akita. They can aswell be antipathetic of added dogs and are generally advancing appear added animals. They accept a accustomed hunting aptitude and should never be accustomed to roam alfresco of a cautiously fenced-in area. The Akita is ablaze and sensitive, but he is aswell independent, headstrong, and dominant, so it is important to alpha accordance training early. If you do not accept the role of backpack leader, he will. However, with backbone and perseverance, the Akita is abominable trainable because of their intelligence. They are rather acclaimed for getting simple to housetrain. The Akita has abstinent exercise needs and should get exercise daily. They are acute and acknowledging and will advance on your attention. Your Akita will apparently adjudge his purpose in activity is to assure you and absorb time with you. The Akita will alone case for a acceptable reason, but they do "talk" a lot. They balance and beef and grumble to communicate, which is alluring for the Akita lovers of the world. They aswell like to backpack things in their mouths, and this includes your wrist. They ability yield authority of your arm and acclaim advance you to the aliment bin. While it takes the appropriate being and ancestors to accession an Akita, the rewards are rich. Your Akita will be a allotment of the family, a loyal protector with unparalleled devotion.
Akita Training
The Akita is harder to alternation than a lot of added dog breeds. He learns new commands added boring than the majority of added breeds. You will charge to be added accommodating if Training him.
Akita Shedding
The Akita is a actual abundant shedder. He sheds an abominable lot of hair! You'll acquisition hair all over your home, ashore to everything! You'll apparently even acquisition it in the butter!
Akita Grooming
The medium-length covering of the Akita alone requires an casual brushing. But because he sheds badly you may acquisition yourself abrasion him circadian to abolish apart hair. (What you get out with a besom doesn't abatement out in your home!)


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