Cesky Terriers Overviews and Photos

 Cesky Terriers Photos
Cesky Terriers Photos
Cesky Terriers Photos

Cesky Terriers Photos

The Cesky Terrier was evolved to be a well-muscled, short legged and well-pigmented hunting terrier that could be worked in loads. The Cesky Terrier has natural fall ears and a natural tail. The Cesky is longer than it is tall and has a topline that increases slightly higher over the loin and rump. It sports a soft, long, smooth coat in shades of gray from Charcoal to Platinum. The correct outer garment is clipped to emphasize a slim impression. The hallmarks of the type should be exclusive unto itself with a lean body and graceful action. They are booked in the direction of strangers, loyal to their proprietors, but ever enthusiastic and attentive during the hunt.

Size, Proportion Substance
perfect Measurements
size – size at withers 10 - 13 inches.
heaviness – heaviness is perfectly between 16 and 22 pounds, bitches slightly less, (suggested to be no less than 14 pounds and no more than 24 pounds) although, no Cesky in good status and else well balanced will be penalized for being only slightly outside the suggested heaviness.
extent – The length of body, measured from sternum to buttocks perfectly between 15 and 17 inches. To be in a ratio of approximately 1½ (Length) to 1 (Height). The general balance is more significant than any lone specification.
Girth of thorax (behind elbows) – The girth of the body measured at the thorax, behind the elbows perfectly is 17 to 18 inches.
Head – Head is about 7 to 8 inches long, 3 to 4 inches broad and is shaped like a long, blunt wedge. The plane of the forehead types a minor but decisive halt with the connection of the nose. The breadth between the ears is somewhat larger for a dog than a bitch. The head should join the neck smoothly.
Eyes - Almond formed of intermediate size. Slightly deep set with a amicable sign. The hue is dark or dark dark.
Ears - intermediate dimensions, dropping in such a way to well cover the orifice. Ears are set rather high with ahead edge lying close to the cheek. formed like a triangle, with the shorter edge of the triangle at the bend of the ear.
Skull – Skull is formed like a blunt wedge with the broadest part between the ears which tapers moderately in the direction of the supraorbital ridges. Occipital protuberance very simple to palpate, impertinence bones quite prominent. Frontal furrow only somewhat assessed. A superficial indentation running down the brows, and joining the muzzle with a moderate halt.
Muzzle - Nasal connection directly. slender foreface undesirable.
Stop – Not accentuated but clear-cut.
Nose – Dark and well developed. The hue is black.
Teeth – Set square in a powerful jaw, sound and normal, and of good dimensions. Either scissor or level gnaw is expectable. entire dentition favoured.

Overall Appearance
The transition between clipped and unclipped areas should be satisfying to the eye and not ever sudden. The final haircut should display off the powerful, muscled Cesky Terrier.

All puppies are born very dark, or very dark and tan.
In mature dogs, 3 years or older, the correct hue is any shade of gray from charcoal to platinum gray. Black may appear on the head, ears, feet and follow. White, brown and yellow markings are allowed on the head, whiskers, cheeks, neck, barrel, limbs and around the vent. A white collar or white tilt is permitted on the follow. The groundwork color should always be predominant.

The activity should be free and even, with good come to in both the front and back, covering the ground effortlessly. This is a working terrier, which must have agility, freedom of action and endurance to work.

Balanced, non-aggressive. Not to be sparred in the display ring. Can be reserved in the direction of strangers. A pleasant dog that is not as excitable as other terrier types but habitually prepared to give chase to certain thing of interest. When working they can be silent but right on goal and also able to work below ground in burrows and scent pathway game.

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  1. Thank you so much for this really informative post about cesky terrier. This dog is extremely loyal to his owner.