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Canaan Dog Pictures
Canaan Dog Pictures
The Canaan dog, accepted in Israel as (Hebrew: כלב כנעני‎, Kelev Kna'ani, lit. "Canaanite dog") and added Levantine countries as (کنعان کتا: Kaleb Kanaani) is a brand of abomination dog accustomed as Israel’s civic breed. It may accept existed in the eastern Mediterranean beach for millennia, as referenced in age-old carvings and drawings.
The Canaan dog is a archetypal mongrel in appearance. It is a medium-sized dog, with a wedge-shaped head, medium-sized, arrect and low set aerial with a ample abject and angled tips. Its alien covering is dense, acrid and beeline of abbreviate to medium-length. The undercoat should be abutting and abounding according to season. Blush ranges from atramentous to chrism and all shades of amber and red between, usually with baby white markings, or all white with colour patches. Spotting of all kinds is permitted, as able-bodied as white or atramentous masks.
Rudolphina Menzel, an immigrant to Mandate Palestine from Austria, accepting advised the arid mongrels and the variations in appearances, classified these canines into four types: 1) heavy, sheepdog appearance, 2) dingo-like appearance, 3) Bound Collie appearance, 4) Greyhound appearance. Menzel assured that the Canaan dog is a acquired of the Blazon III mongrel—the collie blazon (referring to the blazon of acreage collie begin in the 1930s, which was a average dog of abstinent arch blazon added agnate to today's bound collie, not the avant-garde asperous coated collie).
In autograph the aboriginal official accepted for the Canaan dog, Menzel wrote: "Special accent accept to be placed on the credibility that differentiate the Canaan-dog from the German Shepard dog, whose awful bred anatomy he sometimes resembles: the Canaan-dog is square, the loin arena short, the forequarters awful erect, the hindquarters beneath angulated, the close as blue-blooded as possible, the appendage coiled over the aback if excited, the amble is abbreviate (see aswell differences in arch and color)".
Type varies somewhat amid the curve of added Canaan dogs and those begin in Israel and the blow of the world.
Canaan Dog
Height: 20–24 inches (50–60 cm)
Weight: 40–55 pounds (18–25 kg)
Height: 18–20 inches (45–50 cm)
Canaan dogs accept a able adaptation instinct. They are quick to acknowledge and active of strangers, and will active to any disturbances with alert barking, appropriately authoritative them accomplished watchdogs. Though defensive, they are not advancing and are actual acceptable with accouchement aural the family, but may be active of added accouchement or arresting if your adolescent is arena with addition child. They are able and apprentice quickly, but may get apathetic with repetitive contest or avoid commands if they acquisition something of added interest.
Canaan Dogs can attempt in dog activity trials, obedience, showmanship, flyball, tracking, and herding events. Herding instincts and trainability can be abstinent at noncompetitive herding tests. Canaans announcement basal herding instincts can be accomplished to attempt in herding trials.
In general, the Canaan dog does not ache from accepted ancestral problems.
Although the brand is one of the healthiest, George A. Padgett, DVM, listed diseases that accept been seen, at one time or another, in the Canaan dog: hypothyroid

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